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Michael Jackson Vindicated? The controversies surrounding Michael Jackson seem to have vanished immediately following his untimely death. Read more about MJ.


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Is Michael Jackson Vindicated?......... (The latest on the sentencing of Michael Jackson's doctor!)


Michael Jackson had a very rich life. (Rich, not necessarily a happy one.) He's experienced unparalleled success; has been adored by millions of fans; mingled with the rich and famous of the world. He lived like a king (in keeping with his moniker "King of Pop"); created his very own kingdom which he named Neverland after the world described in his favorite book "Peter Pan". MJ filled his make-believe-kingdom with everything a kid's heart may desire, quite likely to compensate for the childhood he's never had.

He lived his dreams.


Unfortunately, Michael Jackson experienced also a fall from grace. He's had to face tough accusations, ostracism, financial troubles, loneliness, and a fair share of controversy as well as scrutiny.

MJ has been working on his comeback in the months leading to his untimely death but died just short of actually making it.

But what happened upon his passing? Enormous, spontaneous outburst of love. A revival of interest in his work. How to understand this phenomenon? There was a time when Michael Jackson was convicted in the court of public opinion. When most tabloids made  money by besmearing him...


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with the Reagans, to only show Michael Jackson.


His death seems to have turned the tide in Michael Jackson's favor, once again.

The outburst of love, support, and recognition that followed his death left us with the image of Michael Jackson Vindicated. Sad, isn't it? In the last years of his life, the world seemed to be against him. His finances were in a disarray..... Was Michael Jackson too fragile or were we unfair to him? 

From where I'm standing it seems that the vindication of Michael Jackson is a gradual process but yes, we'll see Michael Jackson vindicated.


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